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Sept 19-22nd 2013

Mormon Lake, Coconino Forest, N. Arizona



 “Resurrecting the spirit of Western Herbalism!“

-Paul Bergner


“Herbal Resurgence freakin' Rocks!  I already miss the mountains, and the people, and the magic of the Southwest.”

 –Holly Torgerson



Awesome forested Southwestern Site •  50 Unique & Innovative Class Topics Like Nowhere Else!

2 Nights of  World Music • 4 or more Native Plant Walks • Kid & Teen Workshops


2013 Teachers:


Caroline Gagnon •  James Snow • Matthew Wood • Mimi Hernandez • Phyllis Light • Kiva Rose • Paul Bergner •
Juliet Blankespoor • Kiki Geary • Ben Zappin • Sarah Lawless • Ingrid Bauer • Phyllis Hogan • Mike Masek • 7Song • Jim McDonald • Larken Bunce • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Howie Brounstein • Feather Jones • Denise Tracy Cowan • Darcey Blue French • Sean Donahue • Julie Caldwell •Sam Coffman • Katja Swift

Stephany Hoffelt • Lisa Ganora • Leslita Williams



You’re invited back to what will be our 4th Annual international rendezvous and celebration, held once again at Mormon Lake in the plant-lush Coconino Forest, in the indisputably enchanted Southwest.  More of a reunion, tribal gathering and adventurous furthering of ideas than a regular conference, coming to Herbal Resurgence is like coming home!


Join Us In CoCreating an invigorated movement... & culture of healing


Against all odds, Herbal Resurgence/TWHC continues to act as a seedbed for the revival and reinvigoration of folk herbalism in the western world, fostering its culture and serving its diverse community.  Enjoy 50 classes from crucial clinical topics to Animist Herbalism, Curanderismo, and dealing with GMPs and other regulations... something for everyone, from beginners to the most advanced.


Expanded to 4 days of classes! - Classes start Thursday the 19th


The clamor for us to lengthen this event has been loud and continuous, and we have accepted too many incredible class proposals to possibly fit it all in less than 4 days.  This next Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous will start Thursday afternoon (Sept. 19th) rather than that evening, with a full set of awesome classes following the day’s opening welcome.


An herbal event for people who don’t necessarily like conferences!


Herbal Resurgence is more of cultural experience than what we normally think of as a symposium or “conference” – providing a venue so wild and dynamic, inclusive and unconventional, in depth and personal –that even the independents, misfits and outliers of the herbal world feel recognized and valued, included and welcomed.  Medicine of the people, by the people, for the people!


Not just providing information, but seeding community & action


Witness the building Resurgence in the connections and alliances that our participants make, the new herbal practices committed to and free clinics started, in their resistance to injustice, gardens planted and callings heeded... not only in the excitement of learning, but in daily lives deeper lived, and the fulfillment of dreams!  Sunday will feature a time for breaking down into regional groups so you can meet other herbalists living in your area, and plan alliances, meaningful projects and fun activities to continue this Herbal Resurgence when you get back to your home towns.


"I encountered a breathtaking resonance in every second!  You foster such a profoundly deep community, I'm honored to be included."  



Ancient traditions & new frontiers


From the exploration of neglected archaic traditions to the very frontiers of New Science and holistic healing, Resurgence is a journey beyond the known and expected. The words “cutting edge” are used to the point of cliche these days, but it is certainly outside the walls of convention, at the far leading edge, where this hearty and weedy Resurgence grows.  We look forward to sharing time with you there...


Unique classes, taught nowhere else


Enjoy the stimulation of classes and hands-on workshops specially designed for this event alone, and taught by some of the most knowledgable, inspiring and exciting of teachers, each bringing to this conference their absolutely most unique and exciting new class topics! 


Saturday night entertainment & Healer’s Market


There is nothing like an evening of entertainment, live music or dance after a full day of classes, with new acts every year.  And the “Town Hall” at Mormon Lake features not only our Registration tables, but also our Healer’s Market, where you can peruse quality herbal products, speak to the directors of herbal schools, and partake of massage.


We welcome you all to become participants in this great learning exchange, contributing in your individual way to this alliance of empowered practitioners, healing self, others and earth – clinical practitioners and impassioned students of every age, ethnicity and gender, kitchen herbalists, street medics and wildcrafters alike – all the welcomed members of this plant-inspired tribe.





"Another amazing event!  All the classes I took were incredible as well and the location was great, and Saturday night may have been one of the funnest nights of my life.  I can't believe I have to wait another year to go again!"

–Rosalee de la Foret



Registration Info



"Herbal Resurgence/Medicine of the People was the best damn herbal conference I have attended EVER! Hands down the absolute best. Thank you thank you thank you Kiva Ringtail Rose & Wolf again for a life changing event." 

–Chuck Garcia


“The most amazing event ever!”  

-Juliet Blankespoor


 “An outstanding herbal conference, creating a network across the country that unites us all in this grassroots movement... helping to heal the world in our small and great ways.”    

–Rosemary Gladstar 


 “Best weekend ever!”  

–Rebecca Altman




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Trail Map: Navigating This Site


Everything you might want to know about this exciting event can be found on the clearly marked trails of this web forest.  You might wish to begin your journey with the History & Purpose page with What Makes This Event Different and the Founders’ Welcome, followed by an enjoyable perusal of the Event Site page, since place, the land and proximity to nature are such a distinguishing feature of Herbal Resurgence.  You can read there about the Coconino Forest ecosystem, the region’s rich Plant Diversity, and Mormon Lake’s own Old West History. 


Enticing Class Descriptions, Teacher Bios and detailed Class Schedule pages are updated as we make the information available.  Likewise, descriptions of the awesome Resurgence bands we’ll be bringing for you will be found on the Medicine Show Concerts and entertainment page.

Ticket Prices can be found on the Registration Info page, with special youth discounts to encourage the participation of children and teens.  On-site lodging and meals are handled directly by Mormon Lake Lodge, not by Herbal Resurgence, and details on their available cabins, camping and delicious meals can be found on the Lodging & Food page.  As it gets closer to event time, you’ll likely also want to take a look at What To Bring and Directions To Mormon Lake. You can also look for rideshare opportunities on the forum!


Whether you’re a business, school or individual, you might very well want to consider applying for an Herbal Resurgence Sponsorship, since most contributing levels earn you free registration, extensive promotion and a vendor or information table in the Healer’s Market on site.  Please do what you can to help us Spread The Word, including downloading a Resurgence graphic to link from your website... and treat yourself to some Herbal Resurgence Merchandise such as herbalcentric hoodies, t-shirts and bags as well as books.  Download and fill out our teacher application if you think you might like to Propose a Class yourself for future events.


If you have any questions, please go first to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for additional information, and then if you’re sure you can’t find the information you’re looking for there, turn to the Questions & Contact page.


“Amazing and wonderful! I’ll be there supporting you, for as long as there is an Herbal Resurgence conference...”   

-Phyllis Hogan




Arrival & Check-In


Plan to arrive by Thursday morning, Sept. 19th – Registration opens 9AM


When you first get to the Mormon Lake Resort, check in at the old Town Hall building, serving as both the Registration and Information center, and also as our Healer’s Market and informal visiting area.  Registration begins Sept. 19th at 8 AM, when you will get your name tag, Event Book with a site map and link to your free Class Notes, and special Gift Bag. 


If you rent a Room, RV space or Camping Space from Mormon Lake Lodge, you will need to also check-in separately with the Lodge office in order to get your room or site assignments. 


Welcome & Teacher Introductions 3 pm Thursday


Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous officially begins at 3:00 pm, Thursday the 19th of September, with the Welcome and Teacher Introductions.


Classes Start 4 pm Thursday the 19th




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“I want you to know how strongly I believe in the timely and essential nature of Herbal Resurgence, truly unlike anything I've ever experienced in a conference setting. If you can only make it to one herb conference next year, this should be the one! Profound, inspiring, multi-cultural, grass roots, and SO MUCH FUN!!  We'll see you there. . . ."    

-Julie, Humboldt Herbals



Herbal Resurgence! – September in the Coconinos!