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    For extreme fatigue I have taken ritalin 10mg a day for 6 month with occasional missing a day. It gives me great energy, negates my fatigue and seams to asuages a slight depression.
    As a child I always had problems with being very hyper and I couldn't pay attention like other children in my class. My teacher noticed it and told my mother about things that could help me. My mother had me tested and put on ritalin. Within a week I can honestly remember a change. At first it made me feel very funny and zombie like but after it got in my system my family said I was totally different person. I also suffer with dyslexia, but this medication helped me with that too. I was put on it when I was 7 years old. When I was 20 I stopped taking it since I was out of school. I couldn't hold down a job and things just got really bad for me. Then I had my baby boy and decided I had to be put back on it. Best thing that happened to me.
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